Squam Lake  - Ink exterior/interior of Fishing Camp in New Hampshire with Jack & Anne.
6. ST Squam Cabin001.jpg
  Family time  - Life guard stand at 'Coney' beach on Little Wolf pond.  A nice place for small kids to paddle in Tupper Lake, NY.
  Rest and relaxation  - Entry from the woods to a 100 year old rustic camp overlooking the lake.  The lake side has a long generous screened in porch to accommodate puzzle assembly, solitary time with a good book, cocktails and ping pong table competition.  
  Down Maine  - A sketch in the manner of C.R. Mackintosh of tiger lilies outside our shingled cottage in South Montville, Maine in the weeks before September 11th.  
  Mystic Seaport  - Pencil sketch from a trip to Connecticut, during the Wooden Boat Show with Jeffrey.
  Hazy, Hot & Humid  - Summer by the kitchen garden with a watchful Haley surveying her domain.
  The Squash Lesson  - Titus C. and Annie T. in a Sunday morning lesson discussing the term "flummoxed", as in Titus' comment, "You really flummoxed me on that last return Annie".  Quantum Club, Germantown, PA
  Dream House #1  - An Edwardian gardener's cottage/tower house, influenced by teenage memories of a Penllyn hunt tower house, as well as similar works by Wilson Eyre and Robert Venturi.  A simple, cosy frame house for a family of four with kitchen table in bay window and a rear first floor bedroom, a colorful Carl Larsson inspired playroom with sleeping alcoves above for the kids and an airy gathering space on top for views, music, readings and reflection. Finally, a modest garden space that accommodates both croquet play and a kitchen garden.
  Dream House #2  -  An articulated plan that follows a sloping lake landscape edge and creates a forecourt entry focused on a significant tree.  A garage is positioned to shield the courtyard from the approach drive, but remains convenient for groceries and wood for the stove.
  Site section  - Detail sketch illustrates sloping landscape in the woods next to a lake.  Note the steps to a lower courtyard with south facing stone terrace, pergola and lap pool fed from the lake.  Inspired both by the work of Gunnar Asplund's "Villa Snellman" in the suburbs of Stockholm and George Howe's "High Hollow" in Chestnut Hill, on a similar steep slope at the edge of the Wissahickon. 
 The convent at Cape May Point, NJ.. A favorite family summer destination, a short walk from our usual St. Peter's beach perch. Watercolor Sketch illustrates the extent of beach erosion in 2006 caused by storm damage.  Since repaired, by the Army Corps of Engineers, this remains our favorite New Jersey beach destination. 
  WWII Beach Reminder  - An observation post/gun position guarding the tip of New Jersey where the Delaware meets the Atlantic Ocean.  Note the pier foundations exposed by beach erosion and the view to the Cape May Point convent beyond. 
  Pennsylvania Landscape  - A century old Amish farmscape in Chester County off of Rt US1, southwest of Philadelphia in a classic, but endangered Pennsylvania landscape with encroaching McMansions just beyond the horizon. From a sketching trip with Jeffrey.
  Summer time  - An afternoon scene from the shade of an ancient viburnum by the kitchen door looking towards the cutting garden and the rose trellis beyond.
  Teacher  - An ink sketch of my mentor and interpreter of urban studies through the writings of Jane Jacobs and Sam Bass Warner, Professor David Amidon at Lehigh University during my undergraduate days in Bethlehem, PA.
  Night Sketch  - A night time pencil sketch of a corner by the fireplace inspired by Tanisaki's essay, "In Praise of Shadows".  Note: Lizzie Ann Luong slipcover from Red Grooms PAFA show in the early 1980's. 
  Y2K  - A hedge against calamity: a well used and trusty Vermont Castings, 'Intrepid II' stove which has kept our family warm and contented through damp, cold winters in Philadelphia since 2000.
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