Old Home  - Drexel's old Main at 33rd and Chestnut Street, (Wilson Brothers, 1891), is where the Architecture program originated at the beginning of the Drexel Institute of Technology.  During my adjunct years, the program was housed in the original gymnasium space on the 4th floor above the main entry.  
  New Home  - Today the program is housed on the third and fourth floors of the URBN building, in flexible loft space that accommodates a workshop oriented, evening teaching format.  From early on we require our students to stand up and make presentations of their research and work in narrative form to their classmates, instructors and visiting professionals.  
  URBN Center:   A building made for the study of architecture.  The spec office core and shell, with the lively Market Street elevation, was designed by Venturi, Rauch & Scott Brown in 1980 as the Institute for Scientific Information, ISI.  In 2011 the interiors of the building were radically transformed by Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle with the surgical insertion of a central atrium, the exposure of the steel skeleton, the use of transparent interior partitioning and the addition of energy saving heating and cooling systems to create flexible and transparent, loft-like studio space.  
  Work Plan Sample I  - This sketch illustrates the kind of post class reflection employed when considering next steps in a design exercise.  The sketch test fits a precedent study of a Frank Lloyd Wright, pin-wheel plan, in horizontal and vertical configurations, to see how the precedent could be applied to a dense, vertical Center City site, versus a broader horizontal, semi-suburban site in the city highlands.
  Work Plan Sample II  - These are mid-review instructions to my students working on a National student competition entry for an alternative Senior Housing Community on the coast of Oregon. Because these kinds of competitions are forums for new ideas that require a graphically compelling format, this sketch is a shorthand to the student for how to organize their efforts into a manageable, concise, but graphically alluring format.  The lesson is how to control the narrative through well considered images that graphically distill the essence of an idea for architecture. Not a simple task and something that needs to be tested throughout the process of design.
  Study Abroad  - An essential part of an architectural education is to travel and experience other cultures through their landscapes, cities, art and architecture.  This we strive to do in our evening format by offering Intensive two-week study trips abroad for our students.   Pictured is the Florence 2014 trip at the gates of the Boboli Garden.  Photo by JBT.
  Study Home  -  The Architectural Detail Class visit to the Henry Mercer Residence, "Fonthill", outside of Doylestown, to study handcrafted concrete and tile construction, Summer 2016. 
  The best method for learning about construction? -  Experience it first hand.    Our students are benefiting from  an unprecedented period of growth in the area around University City. This includes on-going building and streetscape improvements at Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania campuses, Science Center expansion and the Schuylkill Yards development to come at 30th Street Station.  This work will continue well into the next decade and our students will have a front row seat to see the process of construction and to gain deeper insight into their studies in the classroom.  
  Intersections between new and old.   How does one influence the other? What are the similarities and the differences? A Kieran Timberlake example at Levine Hall on the UPenn engineering portion of campus. 
  Professional Connections  - Philadelphia is an international center for architectural design professionals.  We are very fortunate to know many of these firms through our own experiences and benefit from their support of our students through their employment.  One of the best known Philadelphia firms in practice today is KieranTimberlake.   KT has been very supportive of our program. In a recent visit with one of my classes, we toured their new offices and viewed an installation of mockups, part of a larger city wide exhibition, and the shop where they produce these important studies that are so unique to their practice.
  Maker Space  - Tour of the KT fabrication shop where they produce their building mockups.
  Student Competitions  - Winners from the 2015 Steven Izenour Memorial Prize. The practice of Architecture is a hopeful and competitive enterprise that requires practitioners to showcase their skills from time to time in competitions for important commissions.  At Drexel we offer the annually endowed "Ize Prize" to help prepare students for the statewide Stewardson Competition, a prestigious architectural prize that provides a stipend for student travel.
  Construction Site Visits  - A guided tour of the recently completed New College Dormitory at the University of Pennsylvania by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Architects.
  Adjunct Practitioner/Professors  - Our program is unique in the number of working professionals who form the core of our evening faculty.  These are dedicated, responsible and compassionate professionals who are leaders in their respective firms.  They dedicate one evening a week, plus the occasional weekend, to teach in the evening program. 
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